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What follows is a compilation of various wedding-related craft projects to be found on the Web. I hope they help you create beautiful projects that will make your wedding day more special! If you have any comments or would like to suggest a project page to add to this list, please send me an or sign the guestbook!

Tip for using this page: Due to the ever-changing nature of the World Wide Web, projects that I have links to now might not be available at a later date. If you see a project you like, save yourself possible future disappointment and print the instructions out as soon as possible!

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Click Here to find long-lost wedding craft projects that used to be on Wedcraft.com using the "Wayback Machine" by http://web.archive.org. Sometimes the older links can take you to an archived version of that craft project, sometimes not...but it's worth a look!

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Garter Projects:

Handbags and Shoes:

  • Dyeing Wedding Shoes from the Do It Yourself Network. Instructions for making lovely, "antiqued" silk wedding shoes for your vintage wedding!

Headpieces and Veils:


Miscellaneous Accessories:

  • Classic Beginnings Wine Bag from Ben Franklin Crafts. If you plan to serve wine at your reception, or to give bottles of wine as a gift, this is a nice project!
  • Creative Glass Etching from Armour Products and i-Craft. Etching supplies can be found at most craft and hobby stores. The project at this site shows an etched champagne glass, but the techniques can be used on any non-textured glass item you want to personalize (glass plates or beer mugs, mirrors, etc.). Be sure to follow all of the recommended safety precautions when working with the etching chemicals!
  • Easy and Inexpensive Gift Card Box from Jill at Wedcraft.com
  • Hanky into Bonnet from the Lace Fairy Lace Page. Turn the bride's handkerchief into a bonnet for the couple's first baby, or make a baby bonnet that will become a future bride's hanky.
  • Potpourri Favor, Ring Bearer's Heart, Guest Book from the Do It Yourself Network
  • Wedding Cake Card Box by Kathy Cano-Murillo, The Arizona Republic (submitted by Elizabeth C.)






Projects for Specific Themes:

Albums and Keepsakes:

This section has several different projects for wedding albums and other keepsakes to treasure long after the ceremony. Projects range in style from rustic to sophisticated...something to suit almost every taste!

Miscellaneous wedding craft projects and supplies:

  • Bridal craft "how to" videos from Bliss E-Zine. Free, fun instructional videos need Real Player G2 Basic player to view, but the transcripts are just as nice! Check out instructions for a towel cake shower centerpiece, a hand-tied rose bouquet, embossed "save the date" cards, and confetti cornucopias for your guests. Enjoy!
  • DIY Network. The "Do It Yourself" Network has a lot of great ideas for your wedding! Do a search from their main page to find wedding-related projects.
  • HGTV (Home & Garden Television) has a lot of great wedding projects from the Carol Duvall Show and other shows in their archives. Do a keyword search for the word wedding with their search feature, and you'll find all sorts of great ideas! (You can also search more specific keywords like centerpiece, invitation, veil, etc. to more quickly find what you might be looking for.)
  • Hobby Lobby (be sure to check out this week's internet coupon!)
  • Weddings from Michaels Arts and Crafts. Too many projects to link to individually here, but there are projects for almost everything...favors, decorations, centerpieces, even wedding cake projects from Wilton!
  • Wedding Crafts by Rachel Schreckengast
  • Wedding Crafts from Arkansas' Premiere Online Bridal Directory. Easy projects include bride's and bridesmaids' bouquets, a corsage, centerpiece, cake top, candle favor for guests, a treasure chest for gift cards, and basket and top hat projects for flowergirls and boys
  • Wedding Projects from Beverly's Save-On Crafts

Wedding craft bulletin boards and forums:

Membership in all bulletin boards or forums is free unless otherwise noted.

Home sewing:

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