Cutting Tulle Circles

Pre-cut tulle circles are often used in making wedding favors or other wedding craft projects, yet they are quite expensive to buy. A cheaper alternative is to purchase tulle fabric and cut your own tulle circles. It's easy and quick to do with the right tools, and you will save quite a lot of money, even if you have to purchase the rotary cutter needed for this project.

Public disclaimer (please read)

    Materials needed:

    • tulle fabric in desired color (lace or netting can also be used)

    Tools needed:

    • rotary cutting tool (WARNING: Rotary cutters are sharp tools that should never be used by children, and should always be used with caution by adults! The author of these instructions assumes no responsibility for any injuries caused by the use of any rotary cutting tool.)
    • rotary cutting mat (never use a rotary cutter by itself on any surface you do not want cut or scratched)
    • 9" or 10" lunch plate


1. Fold the tulle as many times as you can and still have an overturned lunch plate fit completely on top of the folded fabric. (It's best to work with the tulle a few yards at a time. More than four yards folded can be difficult to cut through.)

2. Put the fabric on the cutting mat. Place the lunch plate upside down on the folded tulle and press.

3. Keeping the plate pressed down into the tulle to keep it from shifting, cut the tulle with the rotary cutter, using the plate as a cutting guide.

Voila! You should now have a number of perfectly-cut tulle circles for making favors and decorations!

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